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More than 99% of the universe is in the fourth state of matter, i.e. "plasma". The plasma, which consists of almost equal numbers of electrons and ions with thermal motion, is quite interesting in the field of science The plasma has two contradictory features originating from collisionless and fluid behaviors. It is of crucial importance to understand fundamental plasma properties in order to promote advanced electronics, to clarify space environment around the earth, and to succeed in the controlled thermonuclear fusion.

카네코・카토 연구실은 미지의영역・미래의과학기술의 개척에 중요한 요소인 플라즈마의 거동과물성의 해명, 그리고 플라즈마의 매질, 온도, 밀도, 전장, 자장 등의 특이・극한상태를 제어함으로써 공학적・의학적・농학적응용에 활용될 수 있는 새로운 분야 개척을 위해 연구를 실행하고 있다.

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