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ISGLP2008 September 5-6, 2008
Hotel Crescent
Tohoku University
Akiu/Sendai, Japan
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Recent Information
General Information
The International Interdisciplinary-Symposium on Gaseous and Liquid Plasmas will be held in September 5-6, 2008, at the Hotel Crescent in Akiu/Sendai, Japan, as a satellite meeting of the 14th International Congress on Plasma Physics (ICPP2008).
The scope of this Symposium (ISGLP2008) covers a wide range of the aspects on gaseous plasma fundamental physics and applications, and liquid plasmas which have recently attracted much attention as promising tools for materials and environmental sciences.
The symposium particularly encourages to exchange information and stimulate discussion on subjects concerned with production, fundamental processes, control, basic properties, gas-liquid-solid phases interactions, and applications in both the gaseous and liquids plasmas.
The goal is to promote interdisciplinary interchange between scientists and engineers of the gaseous and liquid plasmas toward the ideas creation of unprecedented or novelty fields in the early 21st century plasma science & technology age.
The ISGLP2008 will consist of a series of oral sessions (composed of both invited and contributed papers) and poster sessions. Sessions will be organized in subjects related to gaseous and liquid plasmas.

Gaseous Plasma Sessions

1. Plasma Production and Control
2. Plasma Diagnostics and Monitoring
3. Waves, Instabilities, and Transport
4. Strongly Coupled / Complex Plasmas
5. Negative-Ion / Ionic / Pair Plasmas
6. Micro / Atmospheric-Pressure Plasmas
7. Space and Astrophysical Plasmas
8. Plasma Applications

Liquid Plasma Sessions

1. Arc / Streamer / Grow Discharge Plasmas in Liquid
2. Bubble Discharge Plasmas in Liquid
3. Pulsed-Power Discharge in Liquid
4. Soft Matter Plasmas
5. Liquid-Gas Interfacial Plasmas
6. Plasmas in Supercritical Medium
7. Materials / Environmental Application of Liquid Plasmas
8. Nano/Bio Application of Liquid Plasmas

  Organize by
Sendai Plasma Forum
RIEC Sponsored by
Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku University
CERIES Co-sponsored by
Tohoku University Electro-Related Departments
Global COE Program
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